‘I want to do something meaningful; the more people I can reach to help, the better.’

Kathryn Wright (Ngāti Kahungungu) is a fierce advocate for rural mental health.

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A woman inspects a leaf on a bush walk.

“Let’s put a boardroom table in the middle of the bush and clear the clutter of every day.”

Kylie loves to share the wonders of the Aotearoa bush through her two businesses, Nourish & Nosh Tours and The Bush Boardroom.

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Woman stands in the storeroom of her woollen products shop.

“I created Honest Wolf to try to build a place for myself within the larger family business.”

Sophie Hurley, 33, has created a growing business for luxury felted-wool bags using wool from the third generation family farm.

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“We put our soul into each creation.”

Emma Hasler, 34, is the founder of Botanic Press, a wedding bouquet preservation service based in Wānaka.

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Woman leans against a farm gate and pats a sheep on the other side.

Championing the rural sector every step of the way

Rebecca Greaves, 38, is a rural journalist based in Pongaroa. She is a tireless champion of rural communities.

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Woman leans against a fence inside a barn.

“The Region-off is so great because it allows kids to get a foot in the door”

This year, Emma Poole, 28, became the first woman to win the prestigious FMG Young Farmer of the Year Competition in its fifty-five-year history.

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A Dream & Hard Graft

A way of life with a love of horses at its core, encompassed by a strong belief that horses can heal.

Woman plays with her two young children on the floor at their home

Close Companions

Letter from the Editor, Kōanga Spring 2023.

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Woman sits in the cockpit of a small plane as she takes notes

Harriet Bremner

Harriet is out to raise her voice and live every day to the fullest – always accompanied by her number-one companion, Pops the sausage dog.

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A Treasured Family Memory

I grew up in St Leonards in Dunedin. We have a close-knit family, and all lived within the same block at the time.

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Woman walks down a dirt road holding a watering can and a woven basket of foliage cuttings

Room to Bloom

Flora has nurtured her passion for planting from a young age. Today, she works to nurture that same passion in others through her gardening business.

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Woman hanging out washing with one of her children playing in a sheet

Building Upwards

Despite being flat-tack running a dairy farm and raising three children, Te Aroha farmer Kate is the successful owner of two small businesses.

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Black and white image of a woman holding an axe

The Swing of Things

Emma is a criminal defence lawyer in Whakatū Nelson. She discovered competitive woodchopping three years ago and fell in love with the heritage sport’s balance of power, grit and camaraderie.

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