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Black and white image of a young female shepherd standing in front of a large barn with two dogs.

Raising a Shepherd

Hannah Vallance has an infectious passion for farming which has been nurtured and shaped by her family.

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Fridge Foraging

From growing up on a station to running several successful cafes, Sarah Burtscher is no stranger to making the most of her pantry.

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Two women and their dogs on a ute

The Work-Love Balance

Kirsten and Holly Landreth work together on Thornicroft Station in the Strath Taieri valley as they advance their careers – and plan a family.

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Georgie Archbold

Just east of Kahurangi National Park on Golden Bay’s West Coast, in the area of Paturau, Georgie teaches her two kids from her farmhouse kitchen table.

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Our beautiful Raumati Summer 2023/24 Edition is out now!

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