Black and white image of a young female shepherd standing in front of a large barn with two dogs.

Raising a Shepherd

Hannah Vallance has an infectious passion for farming which has been nurtured and shaped by her family.

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1950s photo of pink lamingtons and custard cups on a baby blue tablecloth.

Sure to Rise

It’s one of the best-known and most recognised brands and slogans in New Zealand: Edmonds Sure to Rise, with its radiant sun.

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Newlywed couple kiss outside an art deco building in Aparima Riverton

Party Planning

Southland couple Ali and Nick Woods threw a surprise wedding party disguised as a joint birthday bash in Aparima Riverton.

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Golden hour in Lindis Pass.

Adjusting to Alone

Michelle opens up about the feelings surrounding her solo Otago Central Rail Trail cycle trip and the scenery she documented along the way.

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Woman models a checkered dress in front of a heritage house

Frolic Frocks

As the weather shifts and the sun warms cool skin, our clothes reflect the optimism in the air – light, colourful garments in cotton and linen that raise the spirits.

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Two women standing in a field of wildflowers.


Untouched World’s new collection tells the story of letting nature back in and taking time to reconnect as the days get ever warmer and longer.

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Judy Waterson

Nicol’s Blacksmith Shop, Duntroon

A bride and groom standing in a grassy field with umbrellas

The Best-Laid Plaids

Lizzy and Hamish Salvesen’s romance stretches from Aotearoa to Scotland and back again.

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Orange-red flowers growing

Time to Create

From a full-time career in the arts, Thelma Emslie has stepped back into a quieter life on the banks of the Ōwaka River in the Catlins.

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Woman and man stand with their horse and two farm dogs on a big grassy hill

The Richness of Lawrence

A day spent exploring Lawrence like a local, with a local, enjoying everything from historic landmarks and eclectic shops to serene retreats that will entice you to stay a while.

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Man and woman outside old stone slate building

Jersey Chic

Since Kate Macdonald started completely made-in-New Zealand clothing brand Davaar & Co on her family’s Te Ānau station in 2022, it has become synonymous with timeless elegance and modern comfort.

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Wine bar

Two Tales of Taranaki – Rachel

Whether you’re into dramatic landscapes and outdoor adventures, or gallery-hopping and a spot of boutique shopping, sunny Taranaki has something for locals and holidaymakers alike.

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People on horses, out hunting

Love of the Hunt

For three quarters of a century, women and men in Starborough Hunt Inc have gathered to ride and hunt the rolling hills in a spirit of camaraderie and freedom.

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Raumati Summer 2023/24

Sixteenth Edition

Our beautiful Raumati Summer 2023/24 Edition is out now!

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