"Friday night is recovering, relaxing and family time. Puzzles are a family favourite this winter."

"Kate Bush on the stereo & dinner cooked for me by my daughter. Snow forecast tonight so feeling thankful to be cosy inside!"

"Movies, and not moving til someone peels me off the couch!"

"Homemade pizza, a good Aussie red wine & rugby finals with the special man in my life."

"Open fire cranking, cider in hand, Ozark on TV and practising my MAKE workshop crocheting."

"Rugby watching at the in-laws."

"Well tonight it was drenching lambs til 7:30 pm but normally I like to sprawl out in front of the fire, eat some takeaways and watch some Netflix."

"Kids in bed. Movie with the hubby. Recuperating."

"Fire on, quick house clean, fav show + wine on the couch."

"Wood-fired pizza at the local brewery."

"On the couch with my dog and a good book!"

"Not too long ago it was stopping at the pub on the way home from work & having too many rums… now it's usually having 1 rum, steak eggs & chips for dinner and putting the baby to bed. Or, walking over to the shed, with the pram to have a beer with the hubby and other workers."

"Fire, Milo, cheese & crackers and a book!"

"Rugby watching at the neighbours."

"Not moving too far from the fire!"

"Movie nights!"

"Watching rugby on telly whilst doing my knitting."
Fleur Morris

"Kids' netball and fish and chips for tea."

"A time to focus on mindfulness, taking a break by hiking or mountain biking, or catching up with mates to connect, unwind, and check in on each other."

"A nourishing home-cooked meal and time on the phone with a friend."

"Work - the meat still needs inspecting!"

"3 (+ 2 extra) kids for a sleepover prior to an early start for sports."

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