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Zoë Paterson

Where are you from? Roxburgh, Central Otago.

Where do you live now? Roxburgh, Central Otago.

What makes you excited or proud to work for Shepherdess? I feel immensely proud to be a part of a team of inspiring wāhine. Each one juggling several other priorities, we all work collectively to create a magazine that facilitates telling other inspiring women’s stories. There’s nothing more fulfilling than working with a community that continues to try to empower others.

The Shepherdess team all work remotely. Tell us a bit about your ‘work from home’ set-up. There’s always a notebook, a stack of magazines, music, a water bottle and often a hot drink on the go! I’m very particular about my space; it helps me get into a creative flow. I will always take time to set up my desk in a way that I’m happy with before I get stuck into the day.