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Storm Clark

Where are you from? Otoko, Gisborne

Where do you live now? Waingake, Gisborne.

What makes you excited or proud to work for Shepherdess? I chose Shepherdess because I am a rural woman who wanted to invest my time in other women by helping to break down the isolation we all feel at times. I truly believe Shepherdess has a hugely positive impact by connecting women all across our country. I feel connected through the relatable stories we share, the incredible team I work with and the wonderful feedback I receive from our subscribers.

The Shepherdess team all work remotely. Tell us a bit about your ‘work from home’ set-up. I’m a work-from-home mum … my office is more like a shared workspace with my preschooler and toddler! I could say it’s a bit chaotic but there are some amusing work stories by the end of the day.