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Kristi Atkins

Where are you from? Feilding.

Where do you live now? Feilding – but I promise there were some interesting places between these two destinations!

What is your favourite section of Shepherdess, and what do you love about it? That is a tough one, but I would say Lovely Things is my favourite section. Each edition I find new things to love and am starting a bit of a collection at home. It’s nice to be able to support New Zealand-owned companies – particularly female-owned or new start-ups – and I know I will always find these sorts of bespoke items in there.

The Shepherdess team all work remotely. Tell us a bit about your ‘work from home’ set-up. I love working from home and am so grateful for the flexibility it offers. Especially because I now have a two-month-old and any remnants of a schedule has gone out the window. My office includes the essentials like a desk and laptop, a couple of plants and of course the current Shepherdess calendar. But it also has a few more interesting pieces like a cot, change table, an old rocking horse and a battery-operated flopping fish that is both my niece’s and my cat’s favourite toy in the house.