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Izzie Thompson

Where are you from? I am from Ōtautahi.

Where do you live now? Queenstown.

Tell us about your life in small-town Aotearoa. Much like the snow line, the number of different accents heard at the supermarket and the size of the queue at Cookie Time, it changes with the seasons. Warm, long days are comprised of many elements, but the constants are mountain biking, then swimming in the lake (while cans of beer immersed in the water cool), walking into town for late-night gelato, tramping in the mountains or surfing on the south coast on the weekends, plenty of barbecues near a body of water. Winter is focused on maintaining feeling in my fingertips on a frosty building site, going night skiing and weekend ski touring, playing board games and going out for mulled wine and hot chips. The things that don’t change are the privilege of having a remote/flexible job with wonderful humans, living in an incredibly beautiful area with immense clear skies that is so close to so many potential adventure zones, and the line at Ferg Burger.

What is your favourite meal? A kimchi and cheddar toastie. With PB and feta. Or an ice cream cookie sandwich!

How would your friends or family describe you? Short and spicy.